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These are some of our basic prices and packages that clearly examplify our great value for start up restaurants and small to large hospitality businesses

Single Audit

The full review of your health and safety and environmental law conformity efforts, a concise score card and full review of your hospitality business or food department.

Includes: *prices starting from £200 incl vat

Food Safety Training

We are passionate about food & drinks as well as all aspects of Health and Food Safety and Hygiene. Yes we love cleaning and teaching hospitality staff how to perform daily tasks and risk assessments, providing easy templates and online forms that help backing your business with data. Forget paper work clutter, we digitalise and organise your new and old records.

Includes: *prices starting from £50 incl vat

Inspections, Audits & Training

With constant inspections you can keep your team and business ready for the questions asked by food and hygiene inspections, we do your health and safety as well as your fire safety while looking after all records, gathering all you need to be compliant and safe. Because safety comes first.

Includes: *prices starting from £200 incl vat
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Check What our Clients Say About Our Health and Safety services

SafetyFirst offers the best value when implementing our Certified Health and Safety Systems, our team of consultants & environmental officers will scout your business and offer you a free audit. Click on the review if you would like to view the full testimonial down bellow.

  • “With SafetyFirst we had more visits and follow up from their trainers & accounts managers, constant mock inspections with a quick sum up of all negative as well as positive food and health and safety as well as Environmental aspects of our Restaurant. SafetyFirst gave us solutions and training. Helping onboarding our staff leaving us plenty of time to get on with our other training & sales. SafetyFirst mainstreamed our daily cleaning tasks in a safe and shared digital environment. Totally decluttering and organising all old records saving us lots of office space too. Thanks and well done to Raphael and the team, we have acquired 5 starts food hygiene rating.”

    Health and Safety Client 1

    Ewa S.

    Restaurant Owner
  • “We run a small bed & breakfast just outside London and Raphael and his team have given us full support. Showing us how to manage all aspects of health and safety from our small kitchen to all bedroom checks helping us organising how their amenities should be displayed and what checkilists are needed in order make sure we get 5 stars, and guess what? We totally did! Now that we have learned the ropes, we have Raphael visiting only once every 3 months, which save us lots of money.”

    Health and Safety Client 2

    Harry Harris

    Bed & Breakfast Owner
  • “ I love the fact that the Health and Safety team at SafetyFirst goes as far as chasing each and every staff member, creating awareness and motivating the team towards the importance of each and every task. Integrating our team onboarding with their training and support. Plus their value is great, we have managed to save our small beach front hotel thousands of pounds. Unlike most food safety consultants, SafetyFirst showed uttermost support and are always ready to come on site and give us a helping hand when understanding all of our departments health and safety needs. Most I have worked with in the past do not like to come in on site, never mind moving thinks in order to check it all thoroughly. Well done, Thanks and see you soon. ”

    Health and Safety Client 3

    Catherine May

    Hotel Manager
  • "5-Star Service for Health and Safety in Hospitality! We can't thank SafetyFirst enough for their exceptional way of facilitating our due dilligence tasks. Their team's dedication upholding rigorous standards has not only earned us glowing feedback from the council inspectors but has also positively impacted our awareness and readyness. Choosing them was the best decision we made for our Restaurant, the set up was easy and the training and tests are achievable and very up to date."

    Health and Safety Client 4

    Carlos Amaral

    Restaurant Manager
  • "Exceptional Health and Safety Services, teaching our team how to prepare for an inspection! Our experience with SafetyFirst has been outstanding. Their dedication ensuring the highest safety standards while maintaining communication with the staff is truly great."

    Health and Safety Client 5

    Amber Steel

    Kitchen Manager